Sign Language (Continued)

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After walking around the Aldgate area and photographing signs, we were tasked within the studio to pick one of the signs that doesn’t work well and design a proposal for a new one. The sign I chose to improve was


Sign Language

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We are constantly bombarded by information that dictates how we behave. Within the Local Universe studio we were set the task to investigate these signs and how they influence

Animalium and Evolution

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Whilst doing my own personal research on the subject of natural forms, horticulture and botanical illustration, I managed to stumble across the work of illustrator Katie Scott. I was instantly amazed by the very clear influence of

Art Forms In Nature

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Throughout my time researching, experimenting and developing ideas for my ping pong paddle, I found myself returning to the illustrations of Ernst Haeckel who very much informs my use of visual language when recording natural forms; through his use of line, shape, tone, pattern and colour. I’ve always been drawn, not just to the depth of detail in his illustrations, but also the organisation of each object within the frame of the page and how they seem to fit like pieces of a jigsaw. ‘Art Forms In Nature’ by Ernst Haeckel, although only containing only black and white images, depicts these qualities beautifully allowing you to interpret his mark making craft as an overall image but also close up without the distraction of colour.

First Exploration of The Local Universe

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Yesterday was the first day of the Local Universe Studio in which we were all introduced to Nous Vous, the ideas and concepts that will be experimented with within the studio throughout the year, and most importantly the