First Exploration of The Local Universe

Development, Local Universe, Sketchbook, Visual Research, Walks

Yesterday was the first day of the Local Universe Studio in which we were all introduced to Nous Vous, the ideas and concepts that will be experimented with within the studio throughout the year, and most importantly the boundaries constituting the Local Universe to be explored.

Map of the Local Universe

The first task was to document the architecture within the defined area looking at the ways in which people re-purpose buildings, balconies, windows etc. I found this particularly difficult as I have a strong dislike for buildings and their very strict, geometric forms with clean, accurate straight lines and blocks, and in terms of my rather rough drawing style, is hard for me to document accurately.  Approching this for the first time, I did very loose and careless drawings, which upon reflection didn’t record much. So I took it upon myself today to go back to places of interest as well as exploring new places and carefully sketch and document with detail to depict as much of my observations, which I felt I did successfully in comparison to the first attempt, despite taking longer.



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