Animalium and Evolution

Reading List, Visual Research

Whilst doing my own personal research on the subject of natural forms, horticulture and botanical illustration, I managed to stumble across the work of illustrator Katie Scott. I was instantly amazed by the very clear influence of Ernst Haeckel but what I instantly loved most about her illustrations were the otherworldly element that she explores, whether that be through her exaggeration of particular elements or just the depth in detail she captures with her pen.

Looking further into her work, I discovered Animalium, an encyclopedic childrens book, illustrated by her, aimed at educating children on different species of animals -almost in the same way a museum does. The illustrations are digitally coloured, very earthy natural colours but at the same time bright and bold, unnatural even. I bought this book at Tate Britain’s gallery shop and soon after discovered that Katie Scott had just illustrated yet another encyclopedic book, this one called Story of Life: Evolution, following the same style as in Animalium -which I also ended up buying but from my local book store.

It’s Nice That have featured Katie Scott’s work on a few occasions worth checking out below:

Talk by Katie Scott at Nicer Tuesdays

The process behind ‘Story of Life: Evolution’

Both are insightful by giving more of an idea not just of what her drawings looked like before publication but also hearing her talk about the process whereby she makes her illustrations.


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