Cardboard City

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After collating the visual documentation of architecture in the local universe, we were given the task within the studio to build a mini three dimensional representation of the built environment. This aimed at using features of several buildings to create a new structure and collaboratively create an installation of an imaginary new city.

I started off dissecting shapes from different buildings I sketched in order to get some idea of how I wanted to put them together to create my model but that made me think too much about what I was doing and I decided I needed to just go straight ahead and just start making from cardboard. At the end of the exercise, everyone in the studio put their models together to create the new city, mine being the detailed structure made from cardboard at the front (pictured below).

Collection of the models made by everyone in the studio

Collection of the models made by everyone in the studio (mine being the small model on the left hand corner of the table)

Close up of studio city collaboration (Photo Credit: Katarina Jakcsiova)

Seeing the models together made me think about recreating the whole city installation idea myself but using cardboard and various bits of card I have at home. I took it upon myself to make a few crazy structures based on my dissected shapes from my drawings. As simple as they look individually, I was pleased with the overall outcome whereby all of my models create a detailed and complex city. I also think the way I photographed them makes the viewer feel as though they are within the cardboard city in the way I have experimented with angles and perspective, almost like one is looking up within the overtowering buildings. Much like the experience in London.

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