Citizens of The Local Universe

Local Universe, Sketchbook, Visual Research, Walks

Venturing out into the local universe, we were given the task of drawing people in the area (according to the boundaries). Drawing people has always been a subject i’ve avoided as I never seem to get it right which frustrates me but I decided to be open minded and just record what I saw, not so much detail but shapes.

Surprisingly, I enjoyed drawing out in the world and trying to record carefully as to depict a character but also fast enough to be able to capture the person before they moved on. Although I think my drawings would be more successful and interesting if I varied the material I used to draw with; such as a brush pen or thick coloured pencil or pen – allowing me to draw thicker and bolder lines and shapes.

People observation 3

People observation 4

People observation 1

People observation 5

People observation 6




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