Hothouse Talks: Paul Jenkins

Hothouse Talks

Today was the second of the Hothouse talks, with Paul Jenkins, who spoke rather remarkably about process. I personally find that the process that culminates into the final polished outcome, is the most important part of working on an idea because it is where I learn the most. Whether this be from learning from my mistakes, discovering new techniques and new forms of inspiration.

There were many different aspects of Paul Jenkin’s talk that stood out to me some of those being:

  • To become an expert, become an expert
  • Done is better than perfect but still pursue perfection and play with it
  • EDIT!

But the most poignant statement he made was:

“Process is Infinite”

I liked this because it made me think about the way my mind works not just when i’m working on a project but also after the project has come to an end. I’m always thinking about the possibilities and the many directions I can extend things into. A project never truly ends. It can be developed, re-edited, processed and experimented with again to create something new.


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