Paper to Paddle Preparation

Creative Industry Practice

After designing a ping pong paddle, it was important within Creative Industry Practice, that we worked towards organising our own exhbition to compliment Fivefootsix’s ‘The Art Of Ping Pong’ exhibition taking place at KK Outlet. The name we settled on as a group was ‘Paper to Paddle’. This is due to the fact at one point or another, all of the paddle designs were on paper and we all had to eventually put the design onto the real paddle. In all honesty this has been a frustrating process for me as I’m used to relying on myself to get things done but when working in a group, there is always difference of opinion often leading to disorganisation and disintegration.

As a group, we have been working on many different aspects of the exhbition and I volunteered to be part of the team in charge of organising the auction aspect of the event, where we plan to auction off a selection of shortlisted paddles live,  as well as having a silent auction for the others, in order to raise money for BBC’s Children In Need. To prepare it was important to plan how both auctions would happen. Collectively we decided that the silent auction would work by having two people walking around with a sheet for all the paddles included and take note of bids placed on these.

We then designed the sheet using InDesign, including columns- Name, amount, contact number plus remembering to have the information for each of the paddles. This required a lot of communication with those in charge of curating the exhibition space as they would also be numbering the paddles and we needed to make sure the numbers on the paddle sheets would match the real ones on the paddles in the space.



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