Getting Weird

Development, Local Universe, Visual Research

This has by far been my favourite brief being within the studio as it asked us to go out into the local universe and look for something strange and unusual that has a narrative. I chose to focus on on natural forms as they personally interest me. So I went out into the local universe trying to find them unexpectedly. I soon noticed the various different weeds growing between the cracks in the pavement.

In terms of a narrative I started to think about how we live in this silent urban jungle and how natural forms are taking over without us noticing. The drawings I started to do where I worked observationally from the weeds were quite successful and reminded me of botanical illustrations; an idea I saw I could potentially really experiment with. Although the drawings of the trees I did that followed afterwards looked less observational and too uniformed and whimsical which I didn’t like because I couldn’t see how to develop this further and whether the narrative was interesting enough.





I concluded the brief by developing a simple botanical zine without text. I did have the idea to label each of the plants by the street names I found them on, name them after people or just make up my own names. But at this moment in time I couldn’t commit to what text I wanted because of the various ideas I had that would be fun to play around with and see how they would work on the zine.



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