Paper To Paddle: Review

Creative Industry Practice

After immense planning and stress, the Paper to Paddle exhibition was a success and I must admit it was nice to see my paddle displayed so nicely on the wall alongside the many others. Everything went smoothly, people had drinks, students were making conversation about the exhibition and the paddles on display… and most importantly, people were bidding thus helping us raise money for BBC’s Children In Need.

The space was well lit upon walking in and all the paddles were very neatly displayed, both on the wall and tables, with a number corresponding with an auction sheet permitting viewers to partake in the silent auction whereby they write down a bid. It was also nice to see a ping pong table in the centre of the space, where students and staff played against one another exerting fun and energy into the room. Myself and two other students divided the auction sheets between us and took silent bids for the first hour of the exhbition before the live auction took place. When discussing this with the rest of my team who were also responsible for the auction and the team in charge of curation, we decided the best paddles would be displayed on the wall as they seemed most likely to generate the most money for charity.

When the live auction took place, the room was literally buzzing with enthusiasm and excitement. I even found myself bidding ridiculous amounts of money as well as laughing at the sense of humour of the auctioneers. Between placing bids myself, and taking silent bids throughout the night, I never had much of a chance to take pictures but many were taken and put on the London Metropolitan University website. All in all, as a member of the team in charge of the auction aspect of the exhibition I was pleased my team worked so well together in order to have such a smooth running auction. Not to mention, all the other aspects of the event came together well in order to create a fun and organised event.

My paddle on display in the exhbition

My paddle (9) on display in the exhbition


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