Making a change: A5 to A4

Development, Sketchbook

For this academic year, I set out to have A5 sketchbooks that would allow me to scribble and write notes carelessly, just thinking, whilst producing my large scale experimental work and final pieces outside of my sketchbook. So far, I have struggled working this way as I can’t think within the small space of A5. I am perhaps too careless and the way I have ultimately worked in my sketchbook isn’t how I enjoy working. My sketchbook has become something rather daunting as opposed to a useful tool. I want it to be something that contributes to the development of my ideas but also something i’m happy to show other people because of the thought process evident. For this reason, I think I will be better off working in an A4 sketchbook. Also, I think it would be useful for me to start compiling a separate sketchbook full of practioners that are inspiring to me and the projects I am working on that I could then use to place on my blog since I seem to do the most research that way.


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