The London Illustration Fair 2015

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As I was too preoccupied with making my edition, I didn’t have a chance to make it to The London Illustration Fair yesterday afternoon but got so excited by some of the things other students in my studio came back with. Super cool business cards, awesome zines …I decided I had to go! So I booked my ticket and went this morning. I had so much fun and spent an awful amount of money on things I couldn’t leave without, as well as finding new inspiring illustrators. There were so many different styles and this most definitely gave me an idea of what a finished product need to be and look like in order to be sold, which is helpful considering the current Editions brief in the studio.  Below are some of my treasured purchases and newfound illustrators I will be looking to in the future.

One of the first things I bought were a custom deck of playing cards by Dual Originals where they have illustrated the face cards with detailed black and white images that in some way are a reinterpretation of the card. Personally I really enjoy working in black and white and I thought that each illustration was so carefully balanced with both positive and negative space very well considered.

Dual Originals illustrated face cards

Dual Originals illustrated face cards


Close up of deck of cards by Dual Originals

The next illustrator I stumbled across was Brie Harrison. Considering my obsession with nature, I was instantly drawn to these cards that represent each of the seasons with a very colourful botanical illustration, capturing such detail and colour.


Brie Harrison Seasons Series

It was also nice to be able to see illustration in a different form such as the iron embroidered patches by BelsArt World who have translated their bold and colourful illustration style into this format. Naturally because I love plants and nature, I had to buy this patch.


Iron on patch by BelsArt World

Possibly one of my favourite buys was this concertina zine by Tania called ‘Winter Trees’. I loves the slight transparency of the paper it was printed on but also the way it’s very layered in terms of colour and shape. Where I’m very interested in nature, It was interesting for me to see how I could use my illustrations to create a very simple yet well put together article.


‘Winter Trees’ by Tania

I bought many more things, too many to describe in one post but the last item I purchased was the limited edition tote bag designed for The London Illustration Fair by Camille Walala. It was interesting to see how her style is used on something for a purpose; one being the tote bag itself, the other being for The London Illustration fair. Even though just black an white, the bold geometric style she has really captivated me and made the print stand out on the tote bag as opposed to the other one being sold which made me buy it.


Camille Walala Limited Edition Tote Bag


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