Duke Of Uke

Creative Industry Practice, Projects, Visits, Visual Research

Along with rest of the CIP class, I visited the Duke Of Uke, a London based purveyor of ukuleles and banjos, located on Cheshire Street. Getting there and having a look around the rather small space, I was intrigued how every instrument was exhibited in a way as though they were a specimen – making them intriguing individually as well as a collective. Not to mention the merchandise and memorabilia had such an old vintage feel to it yet still being contemporary.



After taking photos and looking at everything close up, we received our new brief:

To create visuals that showcase the spirit of the Duke of Uke. To create visuals to celebrate Duke of Uke 10th anniversary.

The list of possible final deliveries for the brief include:

1. Illustration based (Ex: Create a window display. 3D or 2D.)
2. Interaction and digital based (Ex: Create GIF animation for Duke of Uke web. Chose information or entertainment as theme.)
3. Editorial based (Ex: Create 5 visuals for instagram. Include text for image capture and a strategy for posting.)
4. Visual identity based (Ex: Create a visual identity for Duke of Uke 10th anniversary. Think about the celebration as a festival.)

I really wanted to be excited about this brief but I had no ideas pop straight into my head as I do with other I do with briefs which began to worry me slightly. But I was soon reassured as the owner of the shop came in whilst we were being briefed and provided us with more insight about the “niche business” almost being like a Victorian curiosity shop – Instruments from all over the world.



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