Final Edition: Urban Botany

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After various amounts of testing in order to see how my idea for my edition would work, I felt ready to begin making the final versions of my edition. This included making and testing how the final linocut plants (pictured below) would look and also assembling the pop up and making a relevant cover with a suitable title for the piece. I settled on Urban Botany as a title since I felt as though that was what I ended up exploring throughout my journey on this project. I was looking at the plants in relation to their urban surroundings, hence why I named each of them after the streets I found them on, thus reinventing and contemporising the term ‘botany’ and what many people understand that to be.

Drawing plants first in order to be traced and transferred onto lino.

Drawing plants first in order to be traced and transferred onto lino.

When I decided I had finished printing all the plants I would need in order to make my pop up as well as the yellow brickwork background they were to be placed in front of, I began folding my concertina as well as the small separate inserts that would allow the plants to pop up when opened. Once I finished that, using grey mountboard (because of it’s rigidity), double-sided tape and grey concrete like pastel paper, I made a hardback front and back cover for the book to protect its contents and well as making it look final and finished. My choice of paper to make the cover was due to it’s overall striking resemblance to a slab of concrete that made the whole piece relate back to the urban environment they were discovered in.

Urban Botany final cover.

Urban Botany final concrete inspired cover. I used Letraset Transfer letters in order to put all text on my book as it was very minimal. This proved to be a challenge, especially when trying to make sure all the letters weren’t wonky

Assembling the pop up and putting the linocut plants within the concertina

Assembling the pop up and putting the linocut plants within the concertina


The final edition fully assembled


Thinking about packaging was essential when thinking about how my edition would be sold. I went for really natural packaging to fit in with the theme and used brown parcel paper, with cut out photocopies of one of my prints which aesthetically works well and looks presentable.


On the backside of the pop up are the street names whereby I found all the plants featured in ‘Urban Botany’. This text aimed to provide a narrative and tie the plants back to the urban environment

In hindsight, as pleased as I was with the pop up, making it was a lot more complicated and fiddly than I wanted or expected the process of making my edition to be. I would like to attempt to develop this further and take a step backwards to my original idea of printing an extended flat image but maybe include the cut out detail as I feel that adds a unique aesthetic to the overall concertina and makes the plants stand out amongst the brickwork.



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