Citizens of The Local Universe: REVISITED

Development, Local Universe, Projects, Visual Research

When asked to explore the local universe and record through drawing, the people inhabiting it, I was extremely frustrated. As I mentioned in a previous post, drawing people is a difficult challenge for me as it doesn’t come naturally where my drawing ability is concerned. However looking back on the sketches I did on that day, I was quite pleased with them so decided to attempt that brief again and create a character based on a conversation I overheard between two women in which they were discussing moving house:

A: It’ll just be the t-shirt and the bags left

B: We’ll get Pete to come down or I’ll get a white van man

A: I’m sure he can use the frame… just get a new one out

B: I’ll get those sent to Cambridge

A: If you have the frame…?

B: Yeah, rather than buying a new one…   so is it looking a lot better then?

A: Yeah, you’ll have to come up and visit

Using this I developed a character profile:

A lady aged 36 concerned with moving house thus a dishevelled look with crazy hair, very organised however. She wears glasses, t-shirts but is also very stylish and as she likes to repurpose and reuse, she shops in charity shops. Talks a lot due to eccentric bright personality. Very sociable and a coffee drinker to keep her going through the busy hours she has.

From this and the drawings I did previously, I started to build my character:

Pink 1

Pink 2


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