Angie Lewin

Local Universe, Visual Research

Printmaking is my second most favourite way to craft and reproduce my illustrations, in particular, lino print. Along with my personal interest with plants and natural forms, it was only inevitable that printmaker Angie Lewin would be one of my greatest inspirations. I am drawn to her very simple yet effectively detailed, multi-layered prints (both linocut and woodcut) and her very bold use of colour. When I next decide to linocut for a project and develop my personal skills with the medium I do have plans on trying to work with more colours and layers and adding more depth and detail. Lewin’s work is exceptional by the many ways in which she experiments with printmaking techniques but most by the way she reinterprets the intricate shapes of nature into something whimsical. See some examples of her work below:

Dandelion Track II (Wood engraving)

Dandelion Track II
(Wood engraving)

Island Celebration (Linocut)

Island Celebration

Sea Pinks (Wood Engraving)

Sea Pinks
(Wood Engraving)

Alliums (Linocut)


Clifftop IV (Wood Engraving)

Clifftop IV
(Wood Engraving)

All photographs in this post have been sourced from Angie Lewin’s website.


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