Animation Workshop Using Charcoal

Development, Local Universe, Projects, Visual Research, Workshops

In order to help us understand simple processes used to create animations, we got involved in a workshop in the studio that involved using William Kentridge’s technique (as seen in the video below) of drawing in willow charcoal and rubbing it out meanwhile photographing every stage of change in the image, making a frame.

In all fairness, I dislike animation as I usually think of it as a super complicated process but I found that working with this technique was helpful and relatively simple to put together. In hindsight, stacking my camera on a pile of books wasn’t the best idea as right at the start my camera moved meaning all my frames were wonky. Furthermore, drawing with charcoal is somewhat messy and not as controlled. I would like to experiment with other types of animation such as stop motion but maybe refining this technique could wok out extremely well. In terms of the animation brief, I just really need to figure out what I want my animation to be about since it has to be a factual narrative but in the meantime, check out my animation below:


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