Celebration Week Presentation

Creative Industry Practice, Visual Research

After spending a bit of time working on it, today was the day to deliver the Creative Industry Practice presentation for Celebration week
at the Cass. The difference with this presentation as opposed to the others is that students were presenting in front of three creative critics; Dan Dawson from Grand Visuals Theory, Steph Von Reiswitz from Le Gun and Alistair Hall from We Made This.

I was intrigued by the many different things students across the studios were doing and the ways they had implemented both graphic design and illustration techniques as well as hearing the feedback on presentations from the critics. But I was most impressed by the first year students who delivered such a succinct yet packed presentation. They’ve achieved a lot compared to the tasks I was set last year during my first year.

After all the studio presentations, there was a brief interval and it was my turn to present on behalf of the CIP class and I was so nervous but just went for it. I was pleased to get no negative feedback but to hear that I come across as a natural at presenting and that the presentation was well structured and that all the critics understood what we do in creative industry practice.

I was incredibly pleased to know that the presentation was a success and that my fellow students also thought I well represented CIP. From this I’ve definitely learnt the importance and value of giving yourself enough time to prepare a presentation but over preparation and scripting a presentation may not necessarily work for the pecha kucha form.


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