Paper Cut Book

Creative Industry Practice, Development, Sketchbook

After designing the Duke of Uke celebratory stamps, I tried to think of a way to implement the stamps and no matter how I thought of them being used, they just didn’t fit into the shop window display application that I had in mind. So I decided to work with what I had and looked at my favourite stamp composition.

stamp 1

I really think this composition of the crow, text and music notes fills the frame successfully as well as the simple use of limited colours that somehow compliments yet contrasts the other. I took this and started playing with this and thinking about the sheet music booklets and came to the conclusion I could just craft a three dimensional book sculpture of my stamp design, incorporating the elements I had drawn. Even though I knew I wanted to use this composition, I thought about how this idea could be used for others potential composition ideas.

It was important to remember that the composition has to be loud and celebratory as they are marking a milestone of 10 years being open.




In order to prepare for the interim crit, I felt that as I am proposing a design for the Duke of Uke shop window display, I decided to make a mini three dimensional papercut mock up of I had in mind. Just so when presenting my idea, there is more understanding visually of what my proposal entails.




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