Beyond Limits: Project Decisions

Creative Industry Practice, Projects, Visual Research

The new brief for Creative Industry Practice is called Beyond Limits. It is an exciting project that enables us to think beyond and be imaginative in order to think of ways to extend/enhance the body. The outline within is very structured and permits us to pick a word for PURPOSE (for which I chose Reveal), MOOD (I selected surrealistic) and a way to IMPLEMENT (for which I decided on an art project). Brain storming all of these words made me think of personal things I am interested in thus making me think about dreams and nightmares. Rather than trying to enhance the body by designing a prosthetic limb or bionic eye, I have decided to be more abstract and reveal a part of the body we can’t see or truly understand and that is dreams and nightmares. It would be interesting to somehow bring them to life, into physical form to be experienced visually on the outside of the body.

beyond limits

Initial brainstorming

As this is my focus, It is important I figure out how the brain works and why we dream, perhaps look to Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis and his explanation of the subconscious, maybe watch films that demonstrate examples of Lucid dreams such as Vanilla Sky. Also, as my mood is surrealistic I think it is imperative I investigate artists belonging to Surrealism to see other interpretations of these key ideas.


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