Vanilla Sky Review: Lucid Dreams

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As I want to focus my Beyond Limits project on dreams, I thought I would watch one of my favourite films; Vanilla Sky. The film is layered with multiple narratives and blurring of fantasy and reality. To watch the film makes you feel as though you are in a dream yourself, with its non linear narrative, as you are unable to fully comprehend what’s happening and what’s real. Vanilla Sky is full of interpretations of dreams, from the very early scene in which the protagonist finds himself alone in the world, the idea of not being able to wake yourself up from a bad dream and even near death experiences.

Notes I made whilst watching the film

Notes I made whilst watching the film

On of the most poignant scenes of the whole film is the Life Extension Programme scene where the protagonist realises he subscribed to a Lucid Dream programme and that everything he has been experiencing has been a result of that. What I loved about this scene was that it depicts an opportunity for people to live an ageless state by creating our own world. In relation to the Beyond Limits brief, I still think I need to do more scientific research on dreams and how the brain allows us to dream, but I think I need to work on constructing my own imaginary landscapes to depict the complexity and abstract nature of dreams.

Here is the official trailer for the film that demonstrates many of the themes I have discussed:

And here are some of the dream scenes from the film:


Feature Image Credit:


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