The Unseen Jungle

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Final Outcomes For My Poster Project

First Posters

After test printing the monoprint technique with my idea of unseen nature, I felt ready to ahead with my compositions for my two A3 posters using that technique and at

Generating Imagery: Collage Workshop

Development, Local Universe, Projects, Visual Research, Workshops

As editorial illustration briefs are often quite short briefs, with the intention of being done with immediacy, we were given a workshop by Rachel Gannon which involved making and using textured/painted surfaces in order to collage and produce a number of images quickly. I usually disregard collage as a technique because

Hothouse Talk: LAKWENA

Hothouse Talks, Visual Research

Many of the hothouse talks I end up going to, I don’t blog about. Purely because nothing said in them is particularly memorable or resonates with me in any way so I just forget to do it. However this week’s talk was with Lakwena and it was by far my favourite talk