Generating Imagery: Collage Workshop

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As editorial illustration briefs are often quite short briefs, with the intention of being done with immediacy, we were given a workshop by Rachel Gannon which involved making and using textured/painted surfaces in order to collage and produce a number of images quickly. I usually disregard collage as a technique because it is fiddly and messy and I just struggle to create imagery I like but I thought I’d give it a go and these were the images I produced:

After I did these, for the most part, they looked ugly. I think the textured surfaces were used too inconsiderately and clashed as well as choice of colour. I also realised the importance of having a background so that the images don’t look as though they are floating.  I did however like the use of block colour in areas and thought it would be good to try and consider my roughs as well as colour combination and how I use textures.

I generated new images using the same collage technique, making painted paper colours more specific to the images I wanted to make rather than just random ones and these were my outcomes for both :

I thought these were definitely more successful than my first ones and the use of block colour and backgrounds makes the image feel complete. My favourite image for each of my roughs were:


Letters and Journals



My reasons for this is because these two images are primarily quite bold reminding me of Olimpia Zagnoli’s editorial work but I do like how that one use of pattern of bold texture in one place works quite well and breaks up the image. I must however make sure pattern and pattern don’t clash and confuse the image visually in my final illustrations, like they do in the ‘letters and journals’ illustration and that they are used on only one aspect in the image like the plant pots in the ‘home’ illustration.



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