The Unseen Jungle

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Final Outcomes For My Poster Project

First Posters

After test printing the monoprint technique with my idea of unseen nature, I felt ready to ahead with my compositions for my two A3 posters using that technique and at the time I completed this testing, I made what I thought were my initial posters.

I really liked the distressed effect the monoprint gave the posters and felt as though they really captured East London and the aim of the posters being inspirational and trying to encourage people to look beyond the dirt to see the beautiful nature emerging behind it. However, when I put these posters on a wall to see how they would stand out from afar, I noticed they weren’t successful in terms of being able to stand out as a lot of posters do.

I decided I could still use the technique of monoprint and push the posters further in more of a flat graphic style taking out the detail in order to make my posters stand out.

Stencil Mono-printing

Taking away the detail but using the same composition made me want to experiment with actually cutting out the drawing and removing the detail by cut out but at risk of ruining my drawings, I decided to practice with quick drawings on an A4 sheet of cartridge paper, layering colours.

When I experimented with these, I found it useful to test using different colours and so opted not to use block printing inks like my first posters but instead worked with water based oil paints due to their vibrancy of colour.

Second Posters

After I felt satisfied my test stencil prints came out as bold and bright and I wanted, I went forward with cutting into my original compositions and using the same technique, I layered my two colours and printed my outcomes (see below):

I feel as though these posters were more successful overall for the format of a poster in terms of how bold and bright they were and a lot more recognisable. However I still favour my first posters because they fit the initial ideas I had when I first read the poster brief and aimed to create something to inspire people in the local universe. They conform to my ideas and the vision I had whereas these second posters just suit the poster format better because they’re bolder and would probably stand out if placed amongst other posters.


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