Terrarium Facts

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Since Terrariums are the focal point of my narrative for my animation, I thought I should do some research on them.

From what I was already aware of, Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward was the founder of Terrariums in 1842 whereby a seed germinated in one of the jars he left unattended whilst observing insect behaviour. He then investigated the jars and studied how it functioned to continue growing and surviving off the water cycle within the vessel.

terrarium anatomy

Taking all of this into consideration I began thinking about how I could illustrate the narrative of how a terrarium is made in stages through animation and so I did a quick test of the beginnings of what could be a potential technique (below):

Terrarium test animation

Terrarium test animation

As pleased as I am with my first attempt at animating (even only as a gif), I do think I need to remember the context in which these terrariums are placed within in terms of my research for this animation and remember to connect it to the pub in some way.


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