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As I finally got around to figuring out my narrative for my animation based on the London Terrariums workshop held at The Culpeper, I thought I should test ways of drawing in order to create my animation to see if a technique other than the charcoal technique could work for the style of animation I’m aiming for. My terrarium gif was quite successful using colour pencil so I was curious as to how using pen and ink would work.

My first attempt:

possible opening animated frame using pen and colour pencils

possible opening animated frame using pen and colour pencils

Using ink and pencil, I experimented drawing each frame separately on tracing paper so I could see the frame before it and see how and where I wanted to move/change elements within the frame. Overall, the technique of doing this was helpful in terms of making things move but I do need to consider how things are situated within the frame and how much they grow/change because I felt as though the plants in this were far too overwhelming and  unnecessary to be that big.

My second attempt:

complete pen test animation

complete pen test animation

I thought with this all pen drawn test, the animation seemed a little more considered because I have to think before putting my pen down as oppose to just drawing with pencil where you can erase things. My problem with this method however is that given the short time I gave myself to work on this project, this was taking far too long for the amount of frames I needed to draw in order to create an animation that lasts a least one minute long.

It is for this reason, I might go back to using the charcoal technique because it means I will work a lot faster, and the way it can be erased and drawn back into will give the animation an aged feel to it. Like the old Victorian style advert that suits the history of a terrarium.


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