Editorial: Final Illustrations

Development, Local Universe, Projects

After testing how I wanted to use particular patterns and textures as well as my favourite compositions, I compiled this to create my final two illustrations for Love And Loss in E1.

Using collage as a primary technique was difficult for me because I was uncomfortable and didn’t know how to compose an image without drawing, but generating my roughs (see previous post) really helped enable to draw with paper and construct compositions that were intriguing and suited to the text. I don’t think collage is a technique that necessarily works well for me personally and the way I like to communicate my ideas but I do see how as a technique it is good for generating work quickly and thinking by doing. It may be something I use again in the future perhaps in the initial stages of an idea rather than as a sole technique for a finished outcome.

However, I was quite pleased with how successful my final collage illustrations were for my editorial, see the final two below:




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