Final Animation

Local Universe

After working through various techniques and potentially trying to use pen and ink to draw each frame for my animation, I felt as though

it was taking too long for the time I had and wasn’t sure it suited the Victorian themed advert style of the animation I was going for so I decided to go back to the original technique from the animation workshop which was William Kentridge’s charcoal technique. As I didn’t have a tripod I just made do with my scanner which was still successful and I was quite pleased with what I achieved:

When I made my test gifs prior to making this animation, I simply put everything together in photoshop using this guide but with as many as over 300 frames, photoshop was slowing down and where I didn’t have the time to access adobe premier pro in order to put it all together, I used what I had and used Windows Movie Maker which simply allowed me to put all the frames together, adjust timings and add music.


Compiling all the frames into windows movie maker in order to adjust timings for each frame and add music

See my terrarium workshop animation below:

Even though this was my final animation, there would be nothing stopping me from pushing this and putting it into premier pro for more editing. However this could potentially take away the rawness of drawing from the old styled animation and drawing technique I have used.


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