Final Brief 

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For the last part of term, within the Local Universe studio, we have been given the opportunity to write our own briefs and do more self directed work

. I’m really looking forward to this because I don’t like being told what to do and find I flourish when I get to do what I want. 

I found it really easy writing my three project proposals and I made sure to write them all really different because they could be personal projects I attempt in the summer. 

My first brief: 

Deconstruct an aspect of the local universe and reconstruct it. 

Sketches and notes on how I could use architecture to create a pattern of some sort that distorts yet reflects the local universe and then use that for a publication or set of prints

For this brief, I thought I could look at the work of Camille Walala who creates geometric patterns for print and uses them in various forms like in fashion and architecture. I also thought about looking at Paul Noble’s work where he creates his own little worlds based on his imaginary city Nobson Newtown, which made me think about how I could deconstruct parts of the existing architecture and create a whole new city from it, much like the cardboard cityscape I made earlier. 

My second brief: 

Create a souvenir that encapsulates your outlook on the Local Universe


Sketches and notes on potential ideas I have for a souvenir whereby I impose my view of the plants as the most memorable aspect of the Local Universe newcomers should take away with them.


For this idea, I thought I could look to my favourite natural forms artists and illustrators (Ernst Haeckel, Katie Scott, Tugboat Printshop, Angie Lewin) for ideas on composition and colour since those are often two things I struggle on. However the one thing I’m particularly conscious of is the fact that I’ve done a lot of botanical based work inspired by the Local Universe so if my selected project, I would have to visually record nature in the Local Universe again and find a new angle to work from. 

With this in mind, I also think my method shouldn’t involve print necessarily but perhaps I should consider making an object based on my idea. For this I thought I could look at the work of Anne Tranholm who makes geometric jewellery from shrink plastic but they’re coloured so beautifully they look like specimens of nature. 

My third brief: 

Create a piece of illustration that depicts a narrative of your journey through the local universe, from start to finish.


These sketches show ideas about the potential journeys I could embark on to create a publication from as I feel as though a publication of some sort would suit this project proposal.


  For this project idea, I thought I would like to possibly work with the concept of food illustration and maybe move away from doing what I’m used to doing. Therefore, I thought it would be interesting to look at the work of Tom Hovey who does the illustrations for The Great British Bake Off tv show. Although, as I said I was thinking more about the ideas of what journeys I could document and a way of doing that could be interior sketches of shops or places, for which I would look at Paul Heaston’s illustrations. I like the way he records such detailed surroundings and always includes a part of himself drawing in them, making them very unique, almost as if that’s the stamp he puts on his illustrations. In addition to this, I thought I could maybe stretch this brief to recording people but since I’m not very strong at drawing people I would look to simplistic ways of doing this such as Lynnie Zulu’s illustrations where features are mere marks applied with brush and ink.

After presenting my ideas in the studio to Will from Nous Vous, it was suggested I go with my second brief as plants and nature is clearly a subject I find fascinating and might just help me further experiment with my style and this interest. Funnily enough it was the brief I naturally gravitated towards anyway. 


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