Zines, Colour and Layout

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Although I plan on making a souvenir based on my own outlook of the local area, it still needs to be routed in context.

So I decided to have a look at the zines that were brought into the studio by Nous Vous to get some inspiration on how I might make my own publication, and how much or little text I need to include. As well as documenting them for future references.

The example above has a really graphic bold use of colour but the comic book styled panel layout separates all of the illustrations as well as making them blend as though they are one piece. The carefully considered colour palette is something I need to think about if making my own zine.

With this example, I really like the simplicity of it. This could be achieved quite easily regardless of my chosen print method for my zine. I see here that a black line illustration could be quite effective depending on the paper type, even more so playing with the idea of printing on coloured paper stock.

  This example here appears to have been risograph printed but I like the fact it has an appearance due to its texture that reminds me of the achieved when printing a linocut. I could maybe consider reproducing a print method I enjoy such as linocut, through another print method such as the riso.

  As I often like to work in black and white, this zine made me think about how a Zine could work well just with the detail of my black and white line illustrations. Also, this zine made me consider how I might use text if I decide to and how it is okay to have a small paragraph that’s handwritten if it works with the style of the zine, which in this case it does.

  I quite like the way colour has been used selectively here and the way the images appear to float on the page making me think about how I want to compose my illustrations in terms of layout for my zine

  This example was one of my favourites because it reminded me of my drawing style when I record natural forms and made me realise how perhaps less is more and my simplistic style could work well alone for a zine.

 I don’t think I want to create  a page with crazy detailed and overwhelming illustrations like this. It’s just too much visually across the page and doesn’t really appeal to me. I also think that choice of brown doesn’t look very appealing either.



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