Brie Harrison

Local Universe, Sketchbook, Visual Research

I first came across Brie Harrison‘s Illustrations when I went to The London Illustration Fair last year and bought her seasonal postcards. I was immediately drawn to her illustrations because she illustrates nature, which is a huge passion of mine, however her simplistic style of illustration reminded me a lot of how I have begun illustrating my nature (see below pages from my sketchbook).

Especially for this current project Small Nature souvenir, whereby I am trying not to censor the quick fluidity of my illustrations and still maintaining detail. Brie Harrison’s illustrations, although a lot more refined than mine, are beautiful because she elegnantly captures the shapes of many different plant species and highlights their detail through colour, and the tiny line detail she adds to the predominant shapes (see the following illustrations of Brie’s work).





NOTE: Illustrations that are not specified as mine, belong to Brie Harrison and were sourced from her website.


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