Beautiful Objects

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Artist Books That Are Artworks Themselves

As one of the outcomes of this first brief, based on the Southampton texts is a collective riso publication that will be included in a symposium, this week’s studio session involved a trip to the former Women’s Library space where the artist books are held in an archival space. The aim of this was to encourage a breadth of ideas of what publications can be, how they can be seen as objects and to kickstart ideas as to how we can work with this is in our own work


Metaphorical Narrative

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Continuation of the Collage Workshop

After the first collage workshop where I collected images that were used directly to create new images, we were given the task within the studio to move on from this to create our own images using textures and paper types, focusing on the the use of shape. Based on a new sentence chosen from our selected Southampton texts, the overall aim of this second part of the workshop was to try and create metaphor and narrative based collages, not working with obvious imagery, but that which suggests what the sentence is communicating

The Un-Discovered

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A Detailed Talk on Mysterious Lands

Being obsessed with nature and looking to Katie Scott as one of my favourite inspirations, I like to keep myself updated on any upcoming projects she’s working on, as her illustrations are truly wondrous. Therefore I knew upon release that Malachy Tallack’s The Un-Discovered Islands would be a must have, even more so as it focuses on mysterious and forgotten archipelago, on the map we think we know so well. Scott’s illustrations sit beautifully intertwined in this curious narrative, a collaboration even more enlightening after the talk at Stanford Travel Books (Covent Garden) where the public were invited into this peculiar project

London Walking

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Dissertation Studio Introduction

Last Wednesday was an introduction to my dissertation studio: London Walking. I’m excited about what I’m going to learn through writing my dissertation but mostly because this studio focuses on walking as a tool for investigation that can feed into artistic practice. I was drawn to this studio because of the level of observation that it involves which is how I enjoy illustrating the most. Through observation. I see it as my opportunity to investigate my obsession with nature and how that relates to my practice, even more so living in a city such as London

Collate & Collage

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Using Collage to Quickly Generate Imagery

After reading through my selected three texts and making notes, I then used these to inform my visual creations in the first workshop of the year lead by Emily Evans. Collage is usually something I find difficult as drawing is a strength of mine, so to push myself out of my comfort zone into a technique I don’t feel I have any control over, because I don’t feel as successful at it, is somewhat challenging for me. However it is an effective way at generating large quantities of work in a short space of time which can be used to inform the next development process of my idea

Conlin Chronicles

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History helps contextualise the contemporary in order to help it fit it into every day life. We can use it as a way to provide commentaries, criticisms as well as showcasing undervalued information we may have missed. Illustration student Jade Conlin uses the past in a number of ways to shape her creative journey, an insight she was very happy to share with me in an interview

Gosh! Comics

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Reading has always been a pastime I’ve found difficult to appreciate and enjoy. However ever since deciding to pursue my interest in illustration at university, I’ve noticed my collection of books growing immensely; books about artists, illustrators, sketchbooks, plants, critical essays and some classic novels. Although, being a slow reader means my focus on particularly long narratives isn’t a strength hence why I’ve recently ventured into the world of graphic novels. My trip to Gosh! was just where I needed to be to delve deeper into my newfound interest.

Beyond Flowers

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Georgia O’Keeffe: The Insightful Exhibition

Until the end of October, Tate Modern is home to the wondrous world of Georgia O’Keeffe, whose work I’ve loved since my obsession with nature began whilst still at school. Very predictably, I knew of her as many did, by her abstract paintings of flowers that were often linked to sexual interpretations, so I was very surprised by the exhibition and the exploration that exceeded this.

Natural Impulse

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Getting Over Creative Block at Kew 

Throughout the majority of my summer break, I found myself dealing with creative block, so I decided to encourage my creativity by going back to what I love most. Plants and the natural world.