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Visit to Four Corners Books, Studio Culture Week

Once again, as studios prepare to start the first brief for the academic year, studio culture week commences. Being part of the Author: Reporter studio meant that we had the opportunity to visit Four Corners Books, an independent publisher, made up of two people – Richard and Elinor. Telling us a little about themselves, Four Corners Books mostly publishes art history or classic novels, some of which were on display as we walked into the room. Just off Artillery Lane,  despite being ornate, the space was just what I expected, two individual desk spaces, a book shelf, and table in the centre of the room.


Some of the publications they left out for us to look at

Both Richard and Elinor were both really good speakers and I was most interested in their philosophy which informs the way they approach projects and how they strive to make their publications work – such as making sure book covers fulfil certain requirements that give them their best chance of being sold. Additionally, I was intrigued to learn that they like to:

“Play against the tension of delivering what is expected and something new.”

I felt as though I could apply to this to my personal way of working, almost to push myself beyond what I know and what is expected of myself throughout this year.


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