London Walking

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Dissertation Studio Introduction

Last Wednesday was an introduction to my dissertation studio: London Walking. I’m excited about what I’m going to learn through writing my dissertation but mostly because this studio focuses on walking as a tool for investigation that can feed into artistic practice. I was drawn to this studio because of the level of observation that it involves which is how I enjoy illustrating the most. Through observation. I see it as my opportunity to investigate my obsession with nature and how that relates to my practice, even more so living in a city such as London.


Clare Qualmann talking about her ways of using walking as a tool

Walk of the Day

Part of the studio introduction as well as getting to know everyone and talk about our early ideas for our dissertations, we were split into groups and given a short walk to do. The aim was to do this walk and the activity provided and then give a 5 minute presentation on the experience. The activity my group were given was Bollard Manoeuvring (taken from Simon Pope’s London Walking) and to do this the best place suggested was Fournier Street. Bollard Manoeuvring involves:

“taking the outside edge of the bollard- that is, the edge nearest the gutter- the walker should place their feet towards the edge of the curb, leaning the body out into the road”


Attempt 1


Attempt 2

It was strange knowing I was aware of my walking because I had to document or at least recall my experience, I felt somewhat self-conscious. My group and I pretty much just laughed through the whole thing because we felt silly. However I noticed myself diverting from the task and finding other unnoticed beautiful things.


Plants growing wild


A door that I’ve never seen open was open








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