Creative Success

Visual Research, Workshops

Insight into being an illustrator at Make a Living Week

Make a Living Week was an interesting series of talks, from individuals both from industry and London Met Accelerator. Asides from it being rather passive and hard to focus at times  due to being talked at and only engaged by powerpoint presentations slides for a long time, I thought it was a great opportunity that answered a lot of questions I had about putting my illustrations out there


Mark Making

Author, Author: Reporter, Development, Sketchbook, Visual Research

Experimenting with Image Creation Through Mark Making

As mentioned in Making Metropolis, I did a lot of mark making prior to building cardboard structures to try and decide what aspect of Southampton I wanted to focus on in relation to the texts. However after making my structures, I felt it would perhaps be interesting to translate this previous technique as a way to draw from my created structures

Plant Shopping

Design Competition, Exhibitions, Final Major Project, Sketchbook, Visits, Visual Research

Visiting the RHS Urban Garden Show

Feeling like I needed a break from my current Author Reporter studio project, I made a spontaneous visit to the RHS Urban Garden Show. It was amazing how many different people were there representing their botanical businesses as well as the speakers who were there giving lectures on nature in the city. My reasons for attending were mostly because of the opportunity it presented for me to draw plants but also because I thought it would be a great place to get further direction to resources about nature in the city which is what I plan to write my dissertation on and will be the focus of my FMP

Debord & Dérive

Final Major Project, Visual Research

Drifting in My Natural Environment

My fixation on nature within the city has prompted me to delve deeper and explore why I’m so drawn to it emotionally as well as creatively. My dissertation studio is London Walking thus the basis of my dissertation has to be structured on a walk of my choice which has encouraged me to write about nature in London and how the city is a garden. However as walking is a method of research, I realised it was important for me to be aware of Guy Debord’s Theory of the Dérive.

Making Metropolis

Author, Author: Reporter, Development, Projects, Sketchbook, Visual Research

Creating a New Southampton

After experimenting with mark making, I felt as though my work had two completely different potential avenues. Nature or Architecture. I decided to revisit the texts and my notes to help me find my focus, especially because I need to remember to  and decided that based on the two texts (Spike Island by Philip Hoare and New Ruins by Owen Hatherly) I would like to explore abstract Southampton