Planning Outcomes

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Ideas for Collating Work for Final Outcomes

As the overall brief for the studio involved three different outcomes, I realised that it was time to start thinking about how to pull my ideas together towards this. The outcomes were:

– One minute piece of moving image

– Riso Poster

– Pecha Kucha

– Additional Process Book or Film


Moving Image

The ideas I had for my moving image were mostly related to Chris Marker’s La Jetée, where I imagined myself using the still images I had made from my cityscape sculptures interjected with words from my hybrid typography experiments. Or possibly compiling all my research into a piece of moving image.


Film Idea – Compiling work

Riso Poster

I didn’t have any initial ideas for my riso poster mainly due to the fact I had so much choice from all the outcomes I had produced but also because I was aware I had to combine one of my images and one of the images uploaded by the Southampton Solent students in the Google Drive Folder. I realised from this, that being selective and editing my work an be particularly hard when I’ve engaged in such workshops without understanding why I’m using processes other than for pointless experimentation. Thus in future, I will be sure to justify why I want to attempt to try processes so I can justify their selection.


Poster composition ideas


Process Book Or Film

I’m more confident with publications so I knew I wanted to attempt to pull together select pieces of work to make a process book/zine. As I had already done a lot of drawing throughout this brief, I felt as though it would be nice to collate my drawings and sketches done in progress and create and extension of my sketchbook, showing how my cityscape came to be.


Publication ideas


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