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Developing My Final Poster

The poster was a mandatory outcome for everyone in the studio as each poster was to be put together in a box as an alternative to a collective publication. In order to keep it consistent, each poster was to be riso printed and have the same text that details the universities involved as well, as the texts studied.



Image Selection

As my poster had to include an image by me and one by Solent, I began thinking about what my strongest work was. Initially I thought about the cardboard metropolis I had created but soon realised I had focused on it in many different ways throughout my exploration of the entire brief. It was then I decided it best I showcase another strong outcome I had from the workshops which happened to be my hybrid typography.

As my type was about reflecting the industrial nature of Southampton, I decided that this should be paired with an image of nature to contrast therefore I chose one of the nature images uploaded in the Southampton Zoo Google Drive folder.


Poster Layout and Development

Before going forth in Indesign with my two images, I thought it best to actually think about potential composition ideas (both on paper and then the Adobe Comp app) so I had something to experiment with and play around with, rather than just spending ages trying to think on my toes.


Poster composition ideas

These composition experiments made me realise that my image selection wasn’t working so well, most likely because the nature image, taken by the Solent student, wasn’t a particularly great photograph but also because my image was typographic and for some reason I felt as though I needed a bolder image. It was then I decided to use one of my own mark making nature images which seemed to be more appropriate.

Despite it being my own image and a requirement for the poster was that one of each image was used, it was still as close to the requirements because I worked from the Solent nature images to produce my mark making experiments.


Starting off with the placement of the text as it has to be in the same place for all students posters


Adding my nature image


Adding each element of my poster in layers because I had to ensure I printed each layer separately for the sake of riso printing which is done in layers, much like screen printing


Final poster

The final process for my poster was printing it using the riso. having used the riso machine last year, I was really familiar with how to use it. Even so, I made sure to print several extra copies in case I made mistakes printing the second layer the wrong way up.

Overall I was happy with my poster because the images I chose to combine made sense and were considered. But in hindsight, thinking about my typographic experiments, I wish I had thought more about my poster’s composition and back to the examples of El Lissitsky’s constructivist posters.


Printing layer by layer using the riso printer


Final riso poster, printed without the text because the same text was going to be printed on the posters by the tutors so it looked the same.


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