Exhibition Concepts

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Summer Show Initial Thinking

After being briefed on the design competition element involving the summer show, myself, Logan, James and Hayley sat together and discussed the ideas we had for possible concepts for the summer show. The ideas we discussed all in some way had some way of promoting the facilities at The Cass as well as showcasing our work. Thinking about these ideas first would prove helpful in going to exhibitions as we would know what exhibition techniques to look for that would fit the concepts we discussed.


Type Spotting 

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Looking for Typography in the Surrounding Environment

Although drawing on location and recording the elements I’m drawn to was part of the two location drawing exercises at Brick Lane/Fournier Street and Liverpool Street Station the exercise also involved collecting examples of locally sourced letterforms and typography.

Being a Derivist

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Drifting Down Brick Lane

Last Tuesday was an introduction to the new studio brief that focuses on the role of the reporter and looks at the inter-relationship between location and experience. In order to to this, exploring geographical locations and recording experiential narrative is necessary as a starting point. Using Debord’s theory of the Derive, I drifted down Brick Lane and began documenting.

Indoor Nature

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Nature Drawing Session at the Barbican Conservatory

As today is a Sunday, and therefore the only day of the week the Barbican Conservatory is open, I decided to go along and practice my observational drawing as well as documenting the nature space as inspiration for my FMP.

Recording Observations

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A Morning of Drawing at Liverpool Street Station

After getting the new studio brief, which aims to look at the inter-relationships between location and experience, the Author: Reporter studio spent the morning drawing at Liverpool street station, observing the environment and trying to capture it through drawing quick reportage techniques.

Curious Jars

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My focus on nature is usually centred around botany. However I seized the opportunity to observe a new type of nature for the sake of documenting a place or activity before starting the new studio project. Thus, I ventured to the Natural History Museum to find out about animals. As there is so much to see there, I chose to focus on the preserved zoology collection displayed at the Darwin Centre.

Scientific Thinking

Final Major Project, Visual Research

Planning My Final Major Project

I’ve long since had an obsession with natural forms, most specifically plants just because of how strange and unusual they are. It is from this I decided almost straight away to use my final major project as an opportunity to explore my fascination with nature in this way

Animated Shape

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Creating An Abstract Animation

Having experimented with the idea of compiling all my research and experimentation for my piece of moving image and deciding it wasn’t necessarily the most considered or well put together outcome, I decided to work towards a different outcome. An animated outcome