Moving Image

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Working Towards a Moving Image Outcome

Moving image of any kind is my idea of a nightmare. Mostly because my creative ideas never stem into the realm of moving image or even dabbling in adobe premiere pro. Therefore I knew this part of the studio brief would be particularly challenging for me thus I vowed to keep it simple.


Initial Idea

I decided to try compiling my work together into one piece of moving image, focusing mostly on using the still images I created after making my new Southampton City and then incorporating my typographic experiments to include text as this overall first studio brief is about the exploration of text AND image.


Film Idea – Compiling work

Premiere Pro Experiments

Putting images together in premiere and adding transitions was as straightforward as it could be and I continued to play around with overlapping collaged images from workshops as well as my own photographs.


Adding keyframes and shuffling the order of the elements in my moving image



Two of my images transitioning into each other and layering midway (once exported from Premiere Pro)

The whole thing just seemed like an incoherent mess. There were far too many things going on and because I didn’t really know what I was trying to do, I frustrated myself into a corner where I kept changing elements but was still unsatisfied with the outcome. The only thing that I really liked and knew I would definitely


The nature of my work overall, because of its diversity, didn’t seem to fit well as a compilation and I couldn’t quite grasp what it was I was trying to convey or even do with this piece of moving image. It was at this point I decided that compiling all my work and research just wasn’t a good idea for me. One minute is a long time and I felt the right thing for me to do would be to explore my new Southampton metropolis and push it further into unfamiliar territory for me thus creating a new piece of work for this outcome.

I had included examples of drawn time lapses done on my iPad with the Apple Pencil using the app, Procreate, which made me think about the possibility of animation.


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