Scientific Thinking

Final Major Project, Visual Research

Planning My Final Major Project

I’ve long since had an obsession with natural forms, most specifically plants just because of how strange and unusual they are. It is from this I decided almost straight away to use my final major project as an opportunity to explore my fascination with nature in this way.


Da Vinci Sketches

FMP Brief

As my dissertation is about trying to present London more as a green space than a city, I initially thought about how my FMP could be a way of trying to show a new side to London, a side that’s a more imaginative reflection of the things that influence me beyond the architectural embellishments. I then established a brief:

Katie Scott says, “You can’t get any weirder than what already exists”.

With this in mind, reimagine London as a new place that’s yet to be explored and create a guide for it.

This brief entails me working observationally from nature influences in London and then taking these to create something new. I’m very much interested in Codex Seraphinianus as basis for my idea as it’s an illustrated encyclopaedia of an imaginary world, depicting a variety of fantastical yet bizarre flora, fauna, anatomies and other strange elements.


Strange illustrations from Codex Seraphinianus


Strange illustrations from Codex Seraphinianus

Possible Points of Research

As I’m trying to reimagine the city as a new place that’s yet to be discovered but still working observationally, I would like to present any whimsical documentations of nature that I do as though they are realistic. It will help me to look at old science sketches and diagrams and perhaps other creative interpretations of nature.


Katie Scott’s abstract scientific illustrations


Ernst Haeckel’s nature illustrations that remind me of what cells look like under a microscope


Leonardo da Vinci’s anatomical sketches


Joseph Cornell’s assemblages that are playful with scientific and celestial themes

Steps for Action

The way to work towards a reimagined London is to start with what already exists and focus on documentation and observation of the city itself. By finding sources of inspiration to build on.


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