Alice Moloney

Hothouse Talks, Visual Research

Last week’s Hothouse Talk was delivered by what I thought to be a very concise yet honest Alice Moloney who divulged on how she went from studying Illustration at university to being a creative at Anyways.



Slide from the talk (Author’s Image)


Having studied Illustration, Alice talked about how upon leaving university she did a lot of editorial illustration due to its fast paced nature as it was what enabled her to pay the bills she needed to. However as time went on she realised that her creative vision went beyond illustration but in fact helping others to communicate their ideas through art direction and project management.

Asides from hearing about the many projects Alice worked on, what I found most insightful about this talk, was that she didn’t allow herself to be put in a box as an illustrator. Her talk made me see how pushing yourself beyond what you know can lead to other creative opportunities which resonated with me because one of the criticisms I get often is that I stay a little too comfortable sometimes.



Mosaic Science 2



Ideo London







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