Riso At Hato 

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My Experience at a Hato Press Workshop

I love having access to the Riso printer for the sake of current projects but at uni, colours are limited. So I took it upon myself to book a two colour Riso print workshop at Hato Press where I had access to print with a range of colours, including fluorescent ones, as opposed to the limitation of five.


Shop Observation

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Spending the Day at PRICK

Today I got to hang out at PRICK and see what it’s like to sit in whilst customers come in and out with a number of queries. It was also a chance for me to catch up Gynelle so she could find out what I gained from last week’s visit to the RHS Library but so that we could draft and itinerary of tasks I can work on whilst fulfilling my placement.

PRICK Placement

Design Competition, Visits, Visual Research, Work Placement

Interning with Cacti and Succulents at PRICK

When thinking about where to intern to cover the 60 hours necessary for the Design Competition module, I decided it would be best for me to be somewhere I can fully engage on a level that’s interesting to me, perhaps thinking beyond Illustration and graphic design alone. So after my visit to the RHS Urban Garden Show, I approached Gynelle Leon, owner of cacti and succulent shop, PRICK, having met her at the event. And she was more than happy to let me intern

Pattern Making

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Lino Print Workshop

After initial derives at both Liverpool Street Station and Brick Lane, we were encouraged within the studio to push the observational drawings into another medium- specifically lino print. As we’re given the workshop information prior to it taking place, and having done lino printing before, I made sure that  had some drawings that had bold, thick lines that would translate well for this particular method.

D&AD Adobe

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Initial Ideas for My D&AD Outcomes

Being an illustrator that enjoys using mostly traditional hand-crafted techniques when creating my work, I decided to pick the D&AD brief set by Adobe because I felt it was the most appropriate in terms of how I enjoy working. The brief is to dig deep into hard-won wisdom and life lessons and celebrate those through illustration or photography by creating a series of 3 posters or prints.

Museum Signage

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Visit to the Geffrye Museum

Our first exhibition visit was to the Geffrye Museum which we hoped would inform our design concept proposal. The one thing that struck me most about this visit was how well considered the signage was, which would be key in directing and curating a successful exhibition.