Sofia Clausse

Hothouse Talks, Visual Research

Hothouse Talk

Last Friday’s Hothouse Talk introduced the work of illustrator and designer Sofia Clausse. I enjoyed the talk because I felt Sofia talked really candidly about her work and I really liked the insight she provided into her creative thought process.




What really stood out to me was how much research she did in relation to her passion for typography and didn’t just read and do visual research of her environments but created practical responses looking at the typography beyond the page and as a material. Due to her intrigue of the crudeness of hand rendered typography, she encouraged herself to look at movement of type and imperfect type. From this she found herself making tools using pens and brushes allowing her to create really unique forms.

It made me realise I need to perhaps obsess over nature more than I do and be responding to the things I find out as lately I find myself feeling a little stuck in my sketchbook. Especially in relation to both studio projects and my final major project so I need to maybe do some external research on the things i’m working on to inform and create better outcomes.

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