PRICK Placement

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Interning with Cacti and Succulents at PRICK

When thinking about where to intern to cover the 60 hours necessary for the Design Competition module, I decided it would be best for me to be somewhere I can fully engage on a level that’s interesting to me, perhaps thinking beyond Illustration and graphic design alone. So after my visit to the RHS Urban Garden Show, I approached Gynelle Leon, owner of cacti and succulent shop, PRICK, having met her at the event. And she was more than happy to let me intern after giving her a copy of my designed CV and riso printed zine from last year as I had multiple copies and just decided to use those a elf promotion material for now.


Thus visiting the RHS Library as a first task was so exciting because I’ve never been and Gynelle thought it would be a great opportunity for me to get some background knowledge on cacti and succulents and to look at the illustrations and really contemporary book covers. As she mentioned the possibility of me designing greetings cards for the shop and developing a diagram of the parts that make up a cactus and a succulent, I was mostly looking out for diagrams or other illustrations that would translate well for these printed outcomes.


Front Cover


Front Cover


Back Cover


As well as finding out a lot of background information on cacti and succulents as well as information that would be useful to me writing my dissertation on the city being a garden, I found that I fell in love with the old photographs in the books. Only because the botanical line illustrations got a tad repetitive and just lost the essence of history to me, however given the really clean presentation of the plants at PRICK, that line work would work well in echoing the shop aesthetic. The black and white photographs felt like they accompanied myth and early tales of the plants I was reading about and made the experience of reading these old books an intriguing and fascinating one as your mind gets swept up in the past.


Illustration on a separate page


Illustration placed right beside text on page, almost integrated





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