Shop Observation

Design Competition, Visual Research, Work Placement

Spending the Day at PRICK

Today I got to hang out at PRICK and see what it’s like to sit in whilst customers come in and out with a number of queries. It was also a chance for me to catch up Gynelle so she could find out what I gained from last week’s visit to the RHS Library but so that we could draft and itinerary of tasks I can work on whilst fulfilling my placement.



In between doing so, I took the opportunity to draw the marvellous collection of succulents organised on the shelves. I started off in my sketchbook but because I was sat at a stool and the shop itself is quite small, I found it easier to switch to using the procreate app on my iPad with the Apple Pencil as I could play around with brushes and colours more conveniently as opposed to getting my pencil case out.




One of the things Gynelle and I discussed was featuring ‘illustrator of the month’ or other plant related things on the PRICK Facebook page, since it’s something I’m incredibly aware of as I’m constantly making myself aware of botanical art and illustration.  So I was made an admin of the page in order to contribute as often as I’d like to.



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