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Finding Vintage Typography on Location

As I began thinking about the experience I’m trying to communicate of the the second hand shop, it dawned on me to perhaps use the written experiences I made after my derives and maybe play with actually using the text itself rather than focusing on the objects in the direct way I have. Before even beginning to play with any kind of text, I decided to go on a typography hunt within the shop itself and to my surprise, I stumbled across a lot of old type. I was however drawn to the intriguing collection of 100 year old postcards on display in a box for sale.


I loved how the script varied from postcard to postcard, the colour of the ink fading as your eyes read to the end of the sentence.

Rather than trying to replicate the calligraphic type on these postcards, I thought it would perhaps to be fun to play with my own handwriting. The reason being what makes these postcards so intriguing is how beautiful the rawness of the old type is. Thus trying to replicate it would take away that rawness and not really ring true of this discovery.

Furthermore, I think the mere fact most of these postcards are over 100 years old adds an eeriness to the shop, knowing that these stories exist in ink, written by people who are most likely dead now thus being reminiscent of a moment in the past that has been recorded. It makes one wonder what other stories are attached to the many objects in the second hand shop, yet remain concealed.




Note: all photographs in this post are author’s images.


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