Idea Selection

D&AD, Design Competition, Development, Visual Research

Narrowing Down My Ideas for my D&AD Posters

Despite having decided on three pieces of advice I wanted to use to create my posters, I soon realised I was having great difficulty creating work that experimented with illustration and composition, mostly because the three different ideas had room for individual development. So I decided it would perhaps make more sense for me to pick my favourite of the ideas to develop three posters from. I picked ‘Be and Explorer’ because I think it reflects me most and the way I approach projects creatively.


Mark Making

I started focusing on myself and the way I go about experimentation and decided to be experimental and played around with mark making and inks and brushes and colours and tools. This made me think of the way in which play around with mark making to build an image. However, despite feeling satisfied with my experimentation, I felt like I was only doing it for the sake of the brief thus it wasn’t quite authentic enough for me to be persuading future illustration students. It was almost like I was cheating myself by creating imagery that was forced.


Underground sketch by Henry Moore (source:


Mark making in Rebecca Blair’s moleskines (source:


Mark making ink test 1


Mark making ink test 2


Mark making ink test 3


I started thinking more carefully about where a lot of experimentation or idea generation takes place for illustrators, artists and designers, and trying to relate to what I do. I realised that sketchbooks have very much been a huge part of my research collection and idea development for all of my time at university thus maybe looking at my sketchbooks over my time at university may be a better reflection of how to be an explorer in making an example of myself, seeing my sketchbooks as an artefact or object rather than being fixated on the work within them and the ideas. I was especially driven by Rebecca Blair’s documentation of her moleskines.


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