Text Transparency

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Layers in a publication format

Exploring the idea of thinking about a box metaphorically to complete my final box set of prints, I decided to print out the scanned images of both my distorted type and letterpress experiments to test the possibility of making a publication.


Layering Imagery

I was keen on playing with the theme of nostalgia, especially because the images and text I generated was based on the memory of my experience in the shop. I thought it would be intriguing to play with the idea of transparency to be evocative of the way we remember past events; sometimes hazy, sometimes vivid so I printed onto tracing paper and plain white printer paper.Up until this point I had completely discarded the idea of using any of my object prints but decided to include them here because the transparency of the text weaving in and out reminds me of the shop and the idea that there are many stories embedded in the many objects that reside there.

I only really printed onto tracing paper and printer paper just to see if the concept would work however in hindsight, I think it may be more successful and perhaps relevant to print on different paper stock to be a true reflection of the many objects found as well as textures that exist in the second-hand shop.


Layer test 1


Layer test 2


Layer test 3


I held separate printed pages together with a plastic binder clip that enabled me to see how a publication playing with the many layers could work and I was incredibly pleased with how you could see though parts of the tracing paper to reveal the image behind or even obscure it slightly which was then contrasted by turning a page and coming across a vivid image on opaque white paper.


Title page of publication


Inside publication where pages are layered


seeing through the many typographic iterations because I reproduced the imagery by scanning and printing my experimentations on tracing paper


Loose Sheets

However, the thought of binding my pages together was seemingly problematic because I couldn’t quite understand how that was related to the shop asides from the fact old books were sold there. Even more so because even if I ended up making a publication, would it be one that I saw potentially sitting on the shelves within the shop? My answer to that was a no. Mostly because it was once again moving away from the experience of the shop. So I encouraged myself to look back at the vast interior of the shop. I loved that this small space was filled with so many objects thus drawing me to conclude that perhaps having my prints as loose pages on the many different paper stock might be a better reflection of that but I would just need to ensure I think about how best to contain them.


Shop Interior filled with many objects


Prints as loose sheets


Prints as loose sheets


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