Cacti Artwork

Design Competition, Visual Research, Work Placement

Researching for Social Media Posts

One of the main tasks I’ve been set interning at PRICK, has been the responsibility of posting about illustrators who depict plants. I asked Gynelle what she had in mind for the posts, in terms of their content and she just suggested I included 2-3 cacti specific artwork images and a small description about the artist or artwork.

However, I found myself quite stuck on which illustrators to post about because no one came to mind straight away, that painted succulents and cacti, so Gynelle suggested I do some research beforehand to try and find some examples, to put together scheduled posts that she could check over before they were publicized. So, I had a rummage through images on Pinterest and found some amazing cacti and succulent depictions, some of which I hadn’t seen before. I ended up making a Pinterest board to collect any I may use as potential posts.


My favourite examples were the most unusual  examples (see below) I came across as opposed to the expected paintings, such as Kim Sielbeck’s paper plants or Peter Lippmann’s plant portraiture, which once again reminded me of the many different forms illustration can take.


Cacti portrait by Peter Lippmann (


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