Cacti Cards

Design Competition, Visual Research, Work Placement

Ideas for PRICK’s Greetings Cards

After getting to grips with the social media posting, promoting cacti and succulent illustration, I moved onto my next task which was designing greetings cards for PRICK. I had initially showed Gynelle some illustrations in my sketchbook so she had an idea as to what I had in mind for the greetings cards – which helped me communicate my thinking with her so that her ideas came from what I presented to her.


My first thought was that it would be cost effective and easy to riso print whatever my outcome was because of the accessibility to the riso at uni and given the illustrations she felt drawn to were my brush pen illustrations, I anticipated these would translate well using this method of printing. I explained this to Gynelle as well as the colour availability and she told me to draw some ideas up, observing cacti from the shop and we would go from there. Having free reign to draw how I would draw for myself asides from the many styles I end up being encouraged into was liberating. I used my favourite tools and methods of drawing observationally from images I had taken in the shop.


In order to get into the practice of drawing the cacti and succulents I observed, I began drawing in my favourite medium to date, brush and ink. I loved the vibrancy of the illustrations and the detail I managed to capture. However I quickly became aware of how impractical this would be in terms of riso printing as I wouldn’t be able to reproduce the image exactly like this so I set out to produce newer drawings bearing in mind the capabilities of the riso printer. With these I used simple black lined drawing using a brush pen, that would be bold printed, and then experimenting with block colour using tracing paper and coloured pencils to see how a two colour print may work.







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