Poster Printing

Design Competition, Visual Research, Work Placement

Riso Test Printing PRICK Poster proposal

Having come up with some designs for the greetings cards, I went about trying to develop the cards and see if there was a way I could prep paper and a format to create greetings cards from one sheet of paper – meaning folding down a sheet of A3 into A5 or A6 cards. Because Gynelle and I had discussed riso printing greetings cards I went on a hunt in Shepherds to try and find suitable paper for printing my cards onto. But since the thickest paper that can go through the riso is 250 gsm and my visit to Shepherds just meant I found paper that wasn’t thick enough or card stock that was too thick I thought to push the drawings into riso posters instead, as a proposal of the kinds of posters that could be sold in the shop.




Selecting paper at Shepherds


I was thus able to test print on a range of different paper stock, both smooth and textured, plain and coloured, to determine which prints were the best and perhaps select a potential mock up that could be printed if it were to be sold in the shop.





Showing it to Gynelle, we both agreed that the more successful of the prints were the ones printed only in one colour (red) due to the green clouding the detail and not necessarily adding any more depth to the illustration thus the most successful prints were the red lined prints on kraft coloured paper.



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